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18 September 2015 @ 07:57 pm
[sticky post] What's this?  
I realize I have a lot of things in my PC and in my HDD, so I though to share all that stuff.
First at all, I'll be sharing the stuff that I already posted on my personal account (if it has an available link, of course).

What do I share?
I'm fan of Kanjani∞, NEWS, KAT-TUN, JOKER, Kato Kazuki; so I'm gonna share stuff from that bands/ solo artist.

Can you share the links in public way outside Livejournal?
No, you can't. I open this community just for personal purpose, perhaps, to try to make an order in the stuff I have, and try to have that stuff online, just in case. If you share the link in a public way, that's means: Facebook, Twitter, etc., that links will be in a risk, and I don't want that, unless you have to reup that unavailable link.
So, the answer is no, you can't (unless you makes mirrors -upload the file to your own server account- and give the proper credits).

What do you do to join the community?
Just tell me in a comment that you are not a robot and you're in (remember to press the Join the community after that).

One more thing...
Remember to say thank you  when you download something.
I really don't remember from where I got the original files, but, you know, dozchan, Weibo, etc.
Even I'm not the original source I made the effort to reup this things, so, keep that in mind and enjoy the stay~ :)

About empty LJ accounts
I always check the accounts that request a membership. If you don't have any post on your LJ, BUT you usually use it for download or search news, write a comment here and I'll accept your request ^___^

Why can't I see my comment on this entry?
I screen all comments and I accept all requests of users who write something here.

Ikuta Toma
[DL] Ikuta Toma, Nou otoko & Osozaki no himawari related
[SCANS] 2012.10 - TV Fan CROSS, TV Guide Plus & Hanako
[SCANS] 2012.11 - More (Ikuta Toma) & with (Yamashita Tomohisa)

Discography (all PVs and concerts included)
[mp3] Snow white (from ∞sai), Crouton, Hohoemi Date part & Ikko ni ko ni ko (Ryo-chan)
[CM] Kanjani∞ - 8EST album
[PV RAW] EIGHTRANGER - ER (short ver.)
[PV RAW] Kanjani∞ - aoppana (short ver.) | PV + Making of + booklet
[SCANS] 2006 - Kanjani∞

[PV + LIVE] KAT-TUN - No more pain (subs en español)

[PV/ ISO] NEWS - Yonjuushi
[Masuda Takahisa] [SCANS] Resident promo
[Koyama Keiichiro] [SCANS] 2012 - +act
[Tegoshi Yuya] [JE SHOPS] JDC 2011-2012 - Tegoshi Yuya

[SCANS] 2012.11 - More (Ikuta Toma) & with (Yamashita Tomohisa)

Not Je artist

[PV + mp3] JOKER - Rolling life (short ver.)

Kita Shuuhei
[Single] Shuuhei Kita - Sekai de ichiban koishiteru