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What's this?

2021, January: Happy New Year :) better late than ever.
And with the beginning of this new year I have a bad news.
My laptop decided to stop working and it's in the service right now. I'm not in a good moment to afford a new one, so I really hope the service could do something for it u_u
In the meantime I keep adding people to the comm and I hope you can find what you want here :)
Have a nice day! ♥

To receive a notification about certain tags (ie. Kanjani8) first of all, you have to be part of the comm (duh!).
Then, go to the community profile and click on Track and this is what you're gonna see (is in spanish, but what we need is in english):

(click on the image to full image)

You choose the tag you wanna track and where you want to receive the notification of each update.



2020, July: I've lost like 50GB of files (yeah, M3g4, I'm talking to you) so I'm uploading EVERYTHING that's gone .-.
I'll be making new posts inside the community about it, so check it out.
2020, May: No updates so far... No update so far...

2018, January: UPDATE!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! <3
Check the updates below ↓ ;)
Kindly remember: If you have want to join this community, leave a comment here! :)

2017, November: UPDATE!!
Check the updates below ↓ ;)
Remember: If you have an empty LJ write a comment here :)

2017, July: I have a better internet conection, yey!
Check the updates below ↓ ;)
Remember: If you have an empty LJ write a comment here :)

2017, May: If there are things you don't find whether the index or comm, send me a message or write a conment here.
I have Internet issues but I'll reply as soon as I can :)
Kisses~~ ♡

I realize I have a lot of things in my PC and in my HDD, so I though to share all that stuff.
First at all, I'll be sharing the stuff that I already posted on my personal account (if it has an available link, of course).

What do I share?
I'm fan of Kanjani∞, NEWS, KAT-TUN, JOKER, Kato Kazuki; so I'm gonna share stuff from that bands/ solo artist.

Can you share the links in public way outside Livejournal?
No, you can't. I open this community just for personal purpose, perhaps, to try to make an order in the stuff I have, and try to have that stuff online, just in case. If you share the link in a public way, that's means: Facebook, Twitter, etc., that links will be in a risk, and I don't want that, unless you have to reup that unavailable link.
So, the answer is no, you can't (unless you makes mirrors -upload the file to your own server account- and give the proper credits).

What do you do to join the community?
Just tell me in a comment that you are not a robot and you're in (remember to press the Join the community after that).

One more thing...
Remember to say thank you  when you download something.
I really don't remember from where I got the original files, but, you know, dozchan, Weibo, etc.
Even I'm not the original source I made the effort to reup this things, so, keep that in mind and enjoy the stay~ :)

About empty LJ accounts
I always check the accounts that request a membership. If you don't have any post on your LJ, BUT you usually use it for download or search news, write a comment here and I'll accept your request ^___^

Why can't I see my comment on this entry?
I screen all comments and I accept all requests of users who write something here.

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